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Kraft paper brown

Kraft paper brownWe produce wet-strength kraft paper and wrapping kraft paper with a density between 35 and 120 g/m² from both waste paper and a mixture of waste paper and cellulose fibre or from 100% cellulose. Only raw materials, which can come into contact with food products according to the Sanitary Epidemiological Examination Certificate, are used. Kraft paper is a very thick paper used for the production of bags and sacks in which food products, building materials, household chemicals, loose goods and other goods can be packed. A distinctive feature of Kraft-paper is its durability that allows you to pack very heavy goods in it, as well as breathability that allows the goods placed in Kraft-paper to avoid dew-points. We can produce Kraft paper according to your specifications, with exclusive characteristics that will be unique to yours ordered Kraft paper, which will allow your product to stand out favorably on the shelves of retail chains and shops, emphasizing the power of your brand.

Kraft paper white

Kraft paper whiteWe produce wet-strength Kraft paper and wrapping Kraft paper with a density from 35 to 120 g/m² both from waste paper and from a mixture of waste paper with cellulose fibre or from 100% cellulose. Only raw materials, which can come into contact with food products according to the Certificate of Sanitary and Epidemiological Examination, are used in our production. Kraft paper is a very thick paper used for the production of bags and sacks in which food products, building materials, household chemicals, loose goods and other goods can be packed. A distinctive feature of Kraft paper is its strength, which allows you to pack in it very heavy goods, as well as air permeability, which allows the goods placed in Kraft packaging, avoiding the dew point. If you need kraft paper that meets all the requirements for strength and durability but stands out in white - we are ready to offer white kraft paper.

Offset paper

Offset paperOffset paper is the most common type of paper and the one we find in offices. Offset paper is designed for offset printing of graphic and illustration texts. Offset papers range in density from 45 g/m² to 120 g/m². Our offset paper is suitable for all printing or office applications, and we can customize densities, sizes and whiteness for you individually.

Newsprint paper

Newsprint paperNewsprint paper is the cheapest option for printing and is used for large runs. Typically it is used for printing newspapers and simple advertisements. Its density is relatively low at about 40 to 52 g/m².

Newsprint offset paper

Newsprint offset paperNewsprint offset paper is used for illustration, newspaper, magazines and books printing. It's also widely used in the production of catalogues, posters, brochures, booklets, flyers and much more. Our wide range of densities and sizes allows you to choose exactly the right paper for your needs.

Coloured paper (wrapping paper writing paper cover paper)

Coloured paper (wrapping paper writing paper cover paper)All the papers we produce can be coloured to your exact specifications or samples. If you need coloured paper, we can colour any of our types of products - from kraft sack paper to newsprint paper.

Paper flattening
(Paper roll cutting into sheets)


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Our packaging buyers are very demanding, even in the details. At the same time, the quality of paper produced at Korostyshiv Paper Factory is always at the highest level and meets our requirements. Great thanks for your qualitative work. Partners.

CEO of “Lik Pak LLC”

Our stationery is used all over Ukraine, and thanks to our partner Korostyshiv paper factory, we are always ready to meet any demand. The right format, shade and density will be always chosen here to suit your needs.

Head of supply department “Tetrada”

Thank you for the quick and qualitative completeness of all our orders. Special thanks to the manager Inna.

Head of supply department
«Zhytomyr lasoshchi» LLC


Korostyshiv paper factory purchases on an ongoing basis of waste paper type: MC-1A-1, MC-1A-2, MC-2A-1, MC-2A-2, MC-3(4)A, MC-5Б, MC-6Б-1, MC-7Б-1, MC-8B-1, MC-11B

Acceptance is carried out in accordance with DSTU (national standard of Ukraine) 3500:2009. Transportation of the goods is possible both at the seller's and the buyer's expense. Our company actively purchases paper glasses production waste with single-sided lamination.

Waste paper is accepted in accordance with DSTU 3500:2009.





Our company was founded 150 years ago and has a great history during which a small manufacture, having been passed through a number of modernisations, has become the flagship of the Ukrainian paper industry and confidently offers a modern approach to production while carefully preserving its long-standing traditions.

The factory produces paper from recycled fibre raw material - waste paper. Recycling waste paper is extremely important for the preservation of the ecological equilibrium and the development of our production process is aimed at taking care of the environment. We understand that nature is our home and we strive to make it cleaner.

We are one of the biggest enterprises in the country and the most famous producer of writing and wrapping paper with density from 35 to 120 grams per square metre, with a monthly production of up to 1500 tonnes.

The factory's production is certified and meets the international standard ISO 9001:2015 and the company's management has decided to conduct a voluntary forest certification FSC

We have been on the market

150 years

We produce more than

14000 tonn/year

Raw-materials prepare department

100 tonn/day

Production of offset-type and newsprint-type of paper

100% waste materials





Founding of Korostyshiv paper factory. The company was a manufactory with a production capacity of about 500 kg of writing paper per day at that point of time.


The factory has been reconstructed with the following restructuring. Started production of wax paper.


Production capacity increased to 1,000 tonnes per annum, but the factory was damaged during the Second World War.


The milling and preparatory unit has been completely reconstructed, manual labour has been mechanised along the process flow, health and hygiene conditions have improved considerably and the production culture has increased.


The factory was expanded and reconstructed by means of economic measures and the progressive method of continuous milling in conical mills within producing of thin paper grades was introduced. The coal supply to the boiler house has been mechanised by setting up a scraper machine, the factory area has been asphalted and landscaped, a camp for workers, a kindergarten and a clubhouse have been built. A public garden was built for public recreation. Paper output in this period has risen up to 4-5 thousand products a year, and the product range was expanded with many types of packaging paper.


The factory was modernised and paper machine no. 2 was brought into line. Capacity has been increased to over 14,000 tonnes of paper per year.

Korostisiv paper factory has been accumulating innovations, extending the range and production volumes with the priority for its environmental friendliness from the moment of it founding and up to this day.

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31 Paperova street, Korostyshiv city
Zhytomyr region, Ukraine, 12501